Hello Luxlock,

Luxlock™️ has launched our initial feature of our Unified Retail Experience Platform. Our clients are calling it Live-Style Chat but it’s really just shopping. Over the past decade, we feel that shopping has been degraded to scrolling, full inboxes, and embarrassing re-targeting efforts. The winner - facebook; not retail.

Luxury is not a self-serve business, and it shouldn’t have to be. We are incredibly proud to announce that for the first ever in ecommerce you can feel what it is actually like to shop with a professional stylist that is dedicated to serving you and developing your style. We serve brands, to help them create moments that can be felt, years after the purchase of the product.

We are currently onboarding brands that share our vision of the future of retail and value a hospitality heritage. Now, shopping online #URL can be just as meaningful as shopping in a physical store #IRL. Register once, and unlock luxury shopping experiences throughout our rapidly growing ecosystem of premium and luxury brands. Define: Brand- any retail, hospitality, travel, or entertainment company that has a unique perspective and dedicated to sell and serve its customers through personal experiences. We believe in the art of retail, that shopping is more than a transaction, and an email address- is not a relationship. Every customer deserves a completely custom shopping experience so easy, it’s just fun!

Now this is shopping!

Retailers have been finding it difficult to ensure a consistent, unified approach to high-touch service that spans all the channels of a modern consumers path to purchase. It’s not been an easy solve, many have tried in the past and failed. There are plenty of companies still trying, it’s not a buzzword. Retail is changing, consumers are demanding it and technology is allowing us to build solutions that seemed impossible ventures 5 years ago.

Luxury goods maker Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy has agreed to buy Belmond, the owner of hotels including Venice’s landmark Cipriani, for $3.2 billion including debt to increase its presence in upmarket hospitality.

RH galleries dedicate about 25 percent of the space to hospitality, with the remaining 75 percent occupied by design, retail and furnishings. In Napa, however, the company took a different approach, creating a more seamless experience between the different components.

Luxury gym Equinox is now accepting reservations for its Hudson Yards hotel, the company’s first foray into lodging.

Our approach is drastically different than anything on the market. Instead, Luxlock™️ is built on the same foundation of the brands we serve. We share the same DNA when it comes to nurturing a shopper. From the visual presentation to the business process, we are designed completely around the shoppers experience to create a moment worth remembering and repeating. As experiential retail takes center stage, brands continue to extend their reach beyond traditional stores into lifestyle destinations. We believe their ability to exceed customers' expectations is approaching a critical tipping point to pull ahead of retail’s race to the bottom. It’s going to take us all to come together and put a shared customer first. We’ll need to rise above an acquisition funnel and invest in the people that make this industry possible.

Luxury is an experience business, not just retail.





Elevating the way we experience the world through the brands we shop with. Unlock Luxury; Luxlock Your Life. Founder @luxlock #retailtech #experienceeconomy🤘

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Casey Golden

Casey Golden

Elevating the way we experience the world through the brands we shop with. Unlock Luxury; Luxlock Your Life. Founder @luxlock #retailtech #experienceeconomy🤘

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